Discover what faith in God will accomplish!

Dying to be Healed

by Stefanie Cabaniss

A story of unshakeable faith in the midst of rampant physical contradiction.

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Sitting on the couch in the hospice house and literally watching as her best friend lay dying, Stefanie Cabaniss knew in those agonizing moments that the story must be told. As with the Scriptural account of Noah, Abraham and Moses, this recollection conveys a realistic version of that manner of ‘crazy’ faith.

Dying to be Healed is not a story set in a backdrop of ages past. It is a contemporary, true, bittersweet and altogether real-life narrative of the final months of earthly existence of Stefanie’s best friend, Monica.

Monica battled the ravages of stage-four Melanoma but came to strongly and immovably believe that she had been miraculously healed by the power of the Great Physician. This is a story of that unshakeable faith in the midst of rampant physical contradiction.

Dying to Be Healed is also homage to Monica who gave to those around her a reason for hope, and for an abiding appreciation of the abundant blessings of the Lord. If life at times overwhelms you, Dying to Be Healed will help you discover what faith in God will accomplish.

From reliving the account of Monica’s relationship with the Lord, you will:

  • Learn of sustaining and abiding faith.
  • Witness a convincing demonstration of God’s power and peace!
  • Find resolve to have a Great Day every day regardless of circumstances!